One of my greatest weakness is cupcakes. Those tiny little beautiful cakes are so irresistible especially when they have been topped with the loveliest cream cheese frosting. Case in point, on my 21st a few weeks back, a friend had baked 36 Red Velvet Cupcakes for my party. I was in heaven at that time and there were three left at the end of the party which I graciously chomped it down the next morning. Such a wonderful way to start my adulthood.

21st Red Velvet Cupcakes

One place I religiously visit everyday is Cupcakes Take the Cake where it is all about cupcakes. Their Flickr gallery always leaves me deliriously happy and seeing all those yummy babies only makes me want to get a standing mixer immediately and whip up several batches. Obviously time and budget constraints prohibits me from such luxury. Still there is no harm in dreaming yeah?

Cupcakes are big in America. Especially Sprinkles Cupcakes based in L.A. and most recently given out by the Cruises as Christmas gifts (I read a lot of Celeb gossip news by the way). They are beautiful but expensive and unhealthy. Don’t over consume kids or you will end up being an American…



Dont they just look perfect and amazing?!


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