I found it! The world’s best chocolate chip cookie!!!

I kid you not. And not only that, it can be found in supermarkets, English supermarkets at least.

My fellow readers I present to you the best chocolate chip cookie I have tried in my entire life! (And believe me when I say I have tried a lot of cookies around)

Best chocolate chip cookie ever!

Yes everyone this is, in my opinion, the world’s best chocolate chip cookie. If you love chocolate and cookies, this is just it! Stop searching, try it and watch your waistline expand as wide as the cookie itself. Here is a story on how I encountered this gift from heaven. A good friend of mine J popped by to an English supermarket whilst waiting for me and bought this to pass time. When I met up with her, I saw this and decided, one cookie would not hurt. But it did, it nearly stabbed me in the heart.

Each cookie was at least 1.5 inches thick. It had fat chunk of chocolate chips embedded in the surprisingly fresh cookie and one side of the cookie was coated in chocolate. It was double-wham chocolate! And even though it is commercialised it still tasted unbelievably fresh! I nearly cried when I ate my first one (ate 3 in total).

So if you could get your hands on it, go try this because it is just drop-dead amazing!

Life finally has a new meaning. Anyone who is contemplating suicide should really think about eating this and I am pretty certain life will change for the better.



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