Fu Zhou Cuisine a.k.a Dumpling House

Located on 118 Eldridge Street in Chinatown, NYC, is a simple restaurant that has only a couple of things on their menu which is in Mandarin hence unfortunate for those unable to understand. I was walking around Chinatown when I saw a lady coming out of the restaurant carrying a tray of steaming hot meat and I instantly recognized that as meat for Fu Zhou Yu Yuan, meat-filled fishballs. So I happily went in and requested a bowl of 11 for US$3. What a deal! But I later realised they sold a bowl of 7 for US$2, which would have been a better option since I had eaten 5 fried dumplings and 4 cupcakes beforehand.

It was delicious! The fish balls were so chewy and the meat actually tasted good! In fact it was the first time I had seen the meat filling up nearly half of the fishball. Clear proof that it was handmade. Factory-made ones tend to skimp on the meat and I would know this because I grew up eating them.

Above is their very simple menu. Bad luck for those unable to read mandarin.

A few days later I went back to try their soup dumplings (7 for US$2 or 11 for US$3) which I read were more famous.

Their dumplings were filled with generous heaps of chinese chive and meat. In fact they were real fat and what I loved most was the thin skin. This was by far my favourite restaurant in the whole of Chinatown. Good price and fantastic food!

Here is a place to go, just two doors away, if you need a greater appreciation for these dumplings.

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7 thoughts on “Fu Zhou Cuisine a.k.a Dumpling House

  1. thatconomist says:

    Hey Marc @ NoRecipes, I have no idea where Milk and Honey is. Sorry.

    Hey Tai, your welcome. Anytime. :)

    Hey Gastronomer, NYC with her cheap chinese eats are undoubtedly the best thing to happen in America. Hah!

  2. Craig Nelson says:

    This place is amazing. Also great for steamed chive and pork dumplings is Tang Tou Wangs a few blocks south of here.

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