[New York] Bon Bon Chicken

Bon Bon Chicken, a little Korean eatery with the simplest restaurant decorations I have ever seen. Located on 98 Chambers Street, this was perhaps the best place to eat before venturing into the Financial District where good food is hard to find and highly recommended by NYmag. I ordered the drumstick with chicken wings box and was told I had to wait 25 minutes. With all the time in the world I had no problem with that. I also ordered spicy instead of sweet chicken. When it was ready, I smelled to my delight something sweet and fragrant. Looking inside the brown recyclable box, I spotted:

A big drumstick and 6 smaller wings and drum. Biting into it, it was scalding hot and so wonderfully crispy! The skin was a sweet too but I could not taste the spicyness. The meat was juicy and literally dripping with oil, or so I thought. In fact halfway through I realised I was salivating! Hah!


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