[New York] Chanoodle (updated)

Located on 79 Mulberry Street, this was my trip’s biggest surprise. When I first walked in, most of the tables were occupied by Caucasians and I swore under my breath (there wasnt even chopsticks on the table!) I have this issue with Chinese restaurants being filled up with the non-Chinese but here I was visiting this restaurant from the recommendation from a Caucasian. I am my biggest irony. Anyway anticipating a bad meal, I was still eager to test Ed Levine’s reviews and sat down. Looking at the menu, I decided to order their fried clams with minced pork because Ed (yes I am on first name terms with him now, JK) said their pork and clam dishes were good. About 5 minutes later it arrived, oh and by the way, the staff were real friendly.

My first thought was, it looked good, and spent the first few minutes rummaging the pile of clams to see how much there was and boy oh boy were there a lot! Plus the clams were actually big and juicy (I am so deprived here in England.) The fried garlic was lovely too though I did not spot much minced pork. I happily tucked into this dish the whole time extremely pleased with myself.

Towards the end of my clam dish, I heard a gentleman behind me ordering an Egg Foo Yong and all of a sudden I was craving for an omelette. So I looked up the menu and realised there was no Egg Foo Yong so I asked the waitress who tells me it is off the menu. I ordered one nonetheless with pork, no less, and she said to wait 15 minutes. So I did. But roughly less than 10 minutes later, I saw her holding a big plate walking towards me. That plate did not look like it had omelette on it. Instead it was this…

I nearly started to hyperventilate. It is not very obvious but this was HUGE! It was about the size of my hand and there were two fat layers of omelette stacked on top of each other topped with some serious gravy. Cutting in the middle,

Look at that! If I was a tiny tiny person, I would have gotten lost in it! And how generous were they with the vegetables and pork??? This dish was more than fantastic! In fact I might actually say this dish nearly made me deliriously happy.

I am so glad my last meal in Chinatown was this place though it made me wonder, where all the Chinese were?


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