[New York] Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

How could one go to Chinatown in New York and miss out on Chinatown Ice-cream Factory. This little shop does not just sell exotic flavours such as Pandan, Egg Custard and Almond Cookie but they are simply delicious! Creamy, smooth and smacked with tons of flavour, it is pretty obvious it is well-made. There is a Haagen Daz a few days down and one must be seriously mental to choose their commercialised place over Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.

I had their Pandan and Egg Custard Ice Cream and could have sworn I had died and gone to heaven. The flavours were subtle at first but after a while, it tasted just like Pandan and made me miss Asia even more.

A couple of days later, on my last day in NYC, I went to try their Lychee Ice cream after being recommended by a friend.

It looked real pretty but I did not like it as much as the previous two I had.


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