[New York] Egg Custard King

Egg Custard King in Chinatown, NYC, is truly surprising. Never in my adult life have I imagined one of the best egg tarts I have ever tried will be in America, much less NYC. When I went into the shop, there was a tray of freshly baked egg tarts and I of course could not resist trying one.

(How could anyone resist these babies?!)

They were pipping hot. Egg custard in the middle was so hot it scalded my tongue but it was also unbelievably sweet. The flaky pastry (my favourite) was so crunchy and thin.

Look at those sexy curves. Who can resist? I could gobble up my laptop screen now.

And now, for the innates because life is good…

Oh baby, yes!

One more shot to glorify it even more.

And at 90 cents for one. This is real my honeys. I bought a pack of 4 for my friend who happily sucked in 3 in one go.


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