[New York] Egg

On a day trip to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I was advised by my trusty food guide (a piece of paper called The Tony 100) to eat Cheese Grits at Egg located on 135A North 5th Street at Bedford Street. So what exactly is Cheese Grits? First I have to show you what the restaurant looks like. Egg was also recommended by NYMag for serving the best breakfast.

Walking in, it was cool (a huge contrast to the sunny weather in Brooklyn that day) and there were very simple old chairs and tables. It felt like being in a warehouse. I was greeted by a friendly waitress who led me to a table where I found a little milk jug filled with crayons. The table “cloth” was a piece of paper for people to doodle on whilst they wait for their food which took some time to arrive.

I had their Organic Cheese Grits with Eggs and Kale. Grits are basically from corn. They are white, tiny and crunchy. Almost like Couscous. The Kale was a tad too salty but the eggs were brilliant though it is hard to screw up eggs.

Even their water came in a cute old-fashioned bottle.


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