Great NY Noodletown

Located on 28 1/2 Bowery and on the corner of Chinatown Ice-Cream Factory, is this Chinese restaurant recommended by Ed Levine. You must be thinking, what is a Singaporean Chinese doing going to places recommended by a caucasian??? I was a little apprenhensive at first but out of the four places on the list I tried, 3 were actually good. One of the places I tried was Great NY Noodletown. Walking in, it was fairly empty as it was still quite early so I plonked down and read the menu on the table.

It was a bit pointless as I knew exactly what I wanted. A bowl of Shrimp Wonton Soup for US$4.95. When it arrived, I was delighted to find 10 of those little yellow babies floating in the chicken stock.

Biting into it, I realised I had eaten a shrimp then I looked at the wonton closely and found 2 more shrimps!

So there were 3 in each wonton meaning I ate 30 shrimps from one bowl. :))

I liked how the skin was thin and the prawns were crunchy and fresh. Plus the unbelievable non-oily soup made this whole dish simple fabulous!


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