[New York] Joe’s Shanghai

Joe’s Shanghai at 9 Pell Street is one of the most highly recommended restaurants in Chinatown. Walking into the restaurant, it is also plain obvious it is one of the most successful with their large tables and more expensive-looking chairs. But, damn, an Alicia Keys song was playing O_o

Anyhow Joe’s is famous for their Xiao Long Bao (XLB as I like to call it) and I did not hesitate to order one for myself. It took a while to arrive which made me think they were preparing it fresh.

When it arrived, the XLB looked lopsided to me, then I realised its because it had an unusually great amount of soup in it.

I honestly think Joe’s has one of the best XLB around. The soup was surprisingly flavourful to me and I had such a great time slurping all 8 of them up.


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