[New York] Kyotofu

Kyotofu was recommended by NYmag as having the best cupcake in New York. I of course was so excited and went up to the little cafe on a Monday but they were closed. Which annoyed me because I had walked more than 50 blocks. The next day I went back and nearly screamed out when I saw they were opened.

I quickly sat down at the front of the cafe and ordered their Chocolate Souffle Cupcake without checking the price. When it arrived, it was pretty!

I ordered their Coconut Macaroons too just to see what it tasted like.

The coconut macaroons were so sweet, I was left cringing at the table. I could literally taste the granules of sugar! The cupcake was a little weird for my liking. Once again, I could not understand what I was eating and the soy vanilla cream on top needed some getting used to.

When the bill arrived, I realised to my horror that cupcake cost US$6!!! Are they for real?! A bloody rip-off and freaking disappointment… What a let down this place is and what bloody pricing they have!


3 thoughts on “[New York] Kyotofu

  1. $6 isn’t THAT bad. You were ordering trendy dessert in a Manhattan restaurant, after all. I kind of want to try this.

  2. Hey Celine and Mike, US$1.50 each for a cupcake with Sugar Sweet Sunshine is so much worth it. Thanks for stopping by. xxx

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