[New York] Peter Luger

A trip to Williamsburg, Brooklyn without visiting Peter Luger is a crime. Before my trip I had heard so much about their steak and highly recommended by NyTimes. I went during lunch, thank god because I was told by the manager there is a 6 weeks waiting list for dinner. When I was there, there were people calling to reserve a table for May 26th (!!!!). I also got a chance to see their waiting list for dinner on Saturday. 2 A3-sized sheets of little boxes all filled up. Basically impossible to score a table. The service was impeccable. When I walked in, I requested for a table by the window and there must be natural sunlight streaming in (I swear that is my only demand ever) so whilst I waited at the counter, the waiter ran around the restaurant finding the right table for me. When they did find a table, they personally brought my to see if it was good before sitting me down. I ordered a medium rare Rib-eye steak for US$40. It was expensive but when the steak arrived, it was bigger than my face. My face is big, by the way. And the bone was twice the length of my second finger.

The steak was also neatly cut and the waiter immediately showed me a piece to check if it was rare enough for me before putting it onto my plate.

The beef was fantastic and I can not recall eating anything as good as that before.

A piece of fat meat. Yum!

Towards the end of the meal, there were pieces of meat stuck to the bone and no matter how much I tried cutting them, they refused to budge. So I happily used my two hands and held it up to use my mouth and rip it off. This seemed to have delighted the other patrons who turned to look at me (oi! what is so funny?!). Two waiters came round and asked if I was performing surgery. I was not and asked if I could have a sharper knife, much to their surprise. A few minutes they brought back a knife and much to my delight managed to easily cut off the remaining meat. Why couldn’t they have given me this one from the beginning???

Their famous room.

All in all a great trip and worth the walk from the train station.


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