[New York] Whole Foods

I love love love Whole Foods in NYC. I heart the concept on everything being organic but most of all I love the wide variety of salad and cooked food they serve. I first visited Whole Foods on Union Square. Then I was starving and a fast-food joint was not a option for me. Then I spotted this huge building which had a huge sign “Whole Foods” which got me thinking, what are the odds they do not serve food in there? So I happily trotted in.

Inside, it was packed. Oh my lord packed! There were soo many people buying food I really could not resist joining them. There were rows of food to choose from.

The Salad bar.

My first meal in Whole Foods. I had a mix of hot and cold food. Delicious!

They use recycled boxes for people to put their food.

The queueing system. It is actually really efficient.

A few days later I went back and tried their Brown Rice Sushi.

The brown rice made the sushi real crunchy. The sashimi was not the freshest but it was still tasty.


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