[New York] August

August, on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village, NYC, was a place recommended to me by a dear friend, Pau. Pau had a gift voucher valid only on weekdays and she was too busy with work so she gave it to me. August had a lunch Prix Fixe menu and I was decided the best way to try as much food from the restaurant was to take that option. I had their Grilled Curd Veal Tongue for starters, Seafood Boudin for the main course and an Earl Grey Prune and Kumquat Tarte for dessert.

I chose these three for several reasons. First I was real tempted by the Veal Tongue. I once tried Cow’s Tongue in Selfridges, London, and actually liked it so this time I wanted to see what Veal tasted like. For my main course, I had never heard of Seafood Boudin before so I ordered it to see what it was like. Last, the dessert choice because an Earl Grey tart just sounded amazing to me.

The Veal Tongue was cut in to thin slices and came with warm beet and salad. The beet was so soft and boy oh boy, simply wonderful. The tongue one the other hand was a tad salty but it was soft too. Though unlike the beet, the texture was more rough and to be honest like the texture of my own tongue. O_o

When my main course, Seafood Boudin, arrived I nearly fell off my chair! It was a sausage served on a bed of cabbage!!! HAH! A little (actually more like extremely) surprised I asked the waiter and he said it was their home-made seafood sausage. Well they did not actually make it at home but rather in their restaurant kitchen.

The sausage felt like a Chinese Fishball. There wasn’t a strong seafood taste and the cabbages were cooked a little too soft but I loved it! I have a soft spot for over-cooked vegetables.

Dessert was just beautiful! It came shaped in a rectangle and the bright and dark colours of the fruit above made it just so attractive. This dish was all about texture. The top part was extremely soft and close to mushy but extremely sour. Goodness I had never tasted anything that sour before but the middle (creamy) and bottom (hard) was a little bland. Maybe it was just my tastebuds (who had gone haywire during the trip from all the sweet stuff I was stuffing myself) but I could not quite taste the Earl Grey. However when all three parts were ate together, it went surprisingly quite well.

All in all August with its impeccable service is a great place to enjoy a quiet lunch in the beautiful Greenwich Village.

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