[New York] Vanessa’s Dumplings

This is a place to go if you need to try bad dumplings so as to appreciate the good ones i.e. Fu Zhou Cuisine a.k.a Dumpling House. Located a few doors down from Dumpling House on Eldridge St, I only went into this place because it was 9am, I was craving some dumplings and it was the only place open. Here is why I think it was bad.

a) They took a bloody long time to cook this making me stand around till my legs hurt.

b) They were real generous… with the skin!

Cute little dumplings. Looks can be are deceiving.

Look at the images above. Two things I did not like. Too little meat. I tend to feel like I have been robbed if I seem to be chewing more skin than meat. This skin was thick, chewy and obviously handmade. I am not a skin person so I was not too happy about it. And they were less generous with the fillings (notice the gap between skin and filling?) The filling also tasted average, no kick or punch in the flavour. Oh nvm, if you too feel sore about this place, Dumpling House is just two doors away. 🙂


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