Steamboat Buffets = Comfort Food

This afternoon, I gave the oven a rest and popped down to Newcastle, England with my housemate, J. It is about 10 minutes by train from the little town where I study and in Newcastle, there is a (rather small) Chinatown. In this Chinatown, there is a buffet restaurant. Chinese buffet restaurants in England, in my opinion, are horrible. But there is something about the wide selection of greasy deep-fried or stir-fried “chinese” food that is rather comforting. A restaurant my friends and I recently discovered is No. 1 Oriental Buffet Restaurant. For 12.99 pounds, you get both the cooked food buffet and a steamboat/ hotpot buffet too. It actually is quite a good deal since it is a pain to make our own steamboat. What I really like about this place is that they have a wide selection of pork dishes and one of my all-time favourites…

Tofu!! :))) I heart Tofu. But every time I look at them in the supermarket whilst grocery shopping, my heart breaks a little. Here is why. I always buy the Organic Firm Tofu from Waitrose which used to cost 1.38 pounds. However it is no secret food prices have hit sky-high and my tofu have also been affected. Right before I left for my New York holiday at the end of March it increased to 1.45 pounds per pack and when I came back a week later, the price had climbed to 1.55 pounds. With that, I ended my love affair with tofu. Thus when I first visited this restaurant I was so beeswaxly excited about the tofu that I ate all I could!

Anyhow moving on to the buffet. One can not expect Wagyu beef or abalone but one can expect luncheon meat, more tofu, crabs, fishballs and crab sticks. Er yes, I pay 12.99 to eat all the luncheon meat my tummy can hold. Oh, and another thing this place has, Bubble Tea. Er yes again, I pay an extra 2 pounds for Bubble Tea. Rest assured this is not an everyday thing.

Bubble Tea in a pint glass. Only in England

Left is a Chicken Stock Base and on the right, Chongqing Spicy Soup.


9 thoughts on “Steamboat Buffets = Comfort Food

  1. blimey!!

    i heart tofu too but bubble tea in a pint glass??? I’ve never heard of that. nothing against it but pint glasses are 1. for nicking or 2. great ales or ciders.
    although i must admit, it looks great 😉


  2. Oh man that’s awesome, bubble tea in a pint glass. I think when I make boba at home from now on, I’ll have to put em in a pint for that English flair. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ha, my home town! A friend and I often went to that buffet when I lived there. The Chinatown is rather crappy, but sometimes you just want deep-fried grease masquerading as ethnic food. I must try that bubble tea sometime!

  4. Hey Janette, I completely agree when you say we want deep-fried grease masquerading as ethnic food. Everything is cooked the same way but somehow it is so comforting. Haha! Thank you for your comment.


  5. I love this post! I am a British Born Chinese studying Economics at University, and I also love to blog about food 🙂 I’ve never been served bubble tea in a pint glass though!

    Also, I totally agree about the tofu prices…I saw in Waitrose the other day that they were £2.30 or something for a teeny tiny pack. As a student, I’d rather starve 😛

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