Pancake Cafe

Here in the town I study, D, there is a Pancake Cafe but we students call it Pancake House. It is small, lovely, quaint and serves simple but amazing pancakes. Unlike MacDonald’s, this place serves thin ones. Almost like crepes. The menu is simple. 3 savoury and 4 sweet pancakes. In the past week alone I have been there twice! I so wanted to go back today but it does not open on Monday. A big disappointment for me.

Every time I am there, I always order the Feta, Spinach and Mushroom Pancakes followed by a Cinnamon, Honey and Banana Pancake. I share with a friend of course as the portion is simply too big.

Sweet Pancakes come with either Creme Fraiche, Cream or Vanilla Ice-cream. I always have it with the Vanilla Ice-cream. It is so creamy and sweet.

The first time I was there, my friends and I ordered the Orange, Caramel and Grand Marnier to share. It was good but I did not taste much Grand Marnier, which is brilliant, in my opinion!

On to savoury. Below is my favourite Feta, Spinach and Mushroom Pancake, which I know does not look attractive but it tastes amazing!

My friend ordered the Smoked Salmon with Asparagus. The asparagus was a little wilted, salmon a little too salty but my friend, who is in love with smoked salmon, just loved it.

That is all for now!!


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