Cafe Metropolitan, Copenhagen

On our first day in Copenhagen, my sister and I were starving and after walking for quite a distance, I started whining for food. As it was a Sunday, most places were closed and so we walked around hoping to find a place that could keep my stomach quiet. Alas, came Cafe Metropolitan. As it was a late morning we were planning to have brunch. Opening the menu, we were greeted with two brunch options, expensive but we were desperate. However the (cute) waiter told us they were having a weekend buffet brunch. At that moment, my sister and I looked at each other and nodded. We have a weakness for buffets. It is my comfort food and satisfies my grabbing vice. As we approached the buffet spread, we saw a beautiful selection of pastries, ham, cheese and a small but great selection of hot food. Immediately, we requested for a table and went about stuffing ourselves. 🙂

There was a widespread selection of delicious ham, smoked salmon (!!!) and salami. I liked the spread on the table was presented so beautifully. Plus there were a lot of nicely cut fruits.

For cheese lovers.

I liked the yoghurt cups. There were plain yoghurt with raspberry sauce and about a tablespoon of granola in each cup. Extremely pretty.

For the hot food, there were Danish meatballs (tasted like the Swedish), cocktail sausages which my sister and I loved, liver and mushroom hot pate and scrambled eggs. Holy smoke! Free flow of eggs, I was in heaven!

All in all, my sister and I had a brilliant time in Cafe Metropolitan. She liked the pastries, I liked the ham selection. Together we ruled the table and so stuffed at the end of it, we skipped dinner. This was also perhaps the nicest buffet I have ever been to. Plus there were many cute Danish babies which I wanted to eat as well. Just kidding!


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