Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood Restaurant

After being away from Singapore for a good 8 months to finish my last year in university, I came back and was craving for some seriously good Chilli Crabs. So last week I mentioned to a group of friends my desire and two of them started raving about this place on Causarina Road that had brilliant Chilli Crabs and out of this world Oyster Omelette. I was desperate so I happily set aside a night for them to bring me to this place. When my friend turned up to pick me from my house, I was suprised to find that this ‘gem’ was just a 5 minute drive from my house! Where have I been the last 21 years?? It was a Thursday night and when we arrived at 7pm, it was surprisingly packed. All tables were occupied and of course there was a big bowl of Chilli Crab in the middle of every table. We quickly ordered a crab, oyster omelette and shrimp-paste fried chicken.

Ten minutes later our shrimp-paste fried chicken had arrived.

It was evenly fried, not at all oily but to be honest I have tasted better.

Then came the Oyster Omelette. I was expecting the usual whereby the egg would be mixed with some starch batter and fried with the oysters. This, however, came on a hotplate. There was a layer of egg, raw oysters on it topped with hot chilli sauce. When it was put on the table, the waitress would immediately set about mixing all three together.

The result?

It was GOOD! Spicy and the oysters did not have a strong seafood taste at all! We were so happy we decided to order another plate.

While eating the Oyster Omelette and waiting for the second plate, my friend mentions their Birthday Noodles were famous. I was intrigued. Birthday Noodles?!?! What exactly was that? And so we ordered a plate as I was curious.

It was a plate of Fried Mee Sua with generous amounts of squid, eggs, bean sprouts, prawns and unusually, deep-fried quail eggs. Why it is called Birthday Noodles I will never understand but I liked this dish tremondously!

Chilli Crab came and to be honest, it was sent from heaven. Amazing thick eggy chilli sauce coupled with a large Sri Lankan Crab. WOOSH! Took my breath away!

Then I was craving for Chilli Clams or La-la. So we ordered.

I am talking fresh, succulent and juicy clams cooked in a thick spicy sauce. This is really some pretty damn amazing stuff!

All in all a brilliant dinner and I know I will be back soon.


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