PS Cafe

PS Cafe in Dempsey Road, Singapore, is one of my sister’s favourite places to hang out and eat. The last time I visited PS Cafe, I was completely disinterested in cakes and found the food to be overpriced and the place pretencious. But lo and behold, a friend of mine from England, Alex, visited and my sister suggested PS Cafe for cakes after we had a heavy lunch. Now a dessert lover and absolutely willing to try anything, I was actually excited! There, four of us in all, had 4 different types of pie and cake.

The first, Florida Key Lime Pie.

The pie was absolutely amazing! My friend was so impressed with it. The crust did not do much for me but the filling was so refreshing! Alex and I declared it the best dessert we ever had. Better than the ones we had in England.

Alex ordered a Banana Cream Pie. It was like a Banoffee Pie. Bananas and caramel go so well together but the generous heap of cream freaked me out and deterred me from attacking it.

Next up a classic Carrot Cake with cream cheese frostings. I was more than impressed with the frostings as it wasn’t melting all over the place, something I am still trying to “master” in this weather. Anyhow I still preferred the Key Lime Pie.

My sister liked this the most. It is called Pecan Crunch something something. Could not quite figure out what this cake/ pie was all about but midway through the slice, she mentioned there was chocolate fudge underneath the layer of pecans. It must have been all the other rich dessert because I could not tell at all.

My happy friend Alex. 🙂


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