Eating my way around Taipei: Stinky Tofu

A couple of weeks back I went to Taipei with my parents. It was my first time and my mum’s second. Whilst there we did not miss Taipei’s famous Shilin Night Market. It was indeed heaven for foodies like me. The best thing was being able to try authetic Taiwanese food. One thing my parents and I were really keen on trying was Stinky Tofu. Stinky Tofu, I heard, was originated from Hong Kong but the Taiwanese know how to stink it up good. We passed by a little stall selling these beautiful but bad-smelling babies. So we bought a stick, that was stuffed with white cabbage, to share amongst the three of us and boy was it bad! We could only go as far as one bite each before binning it. Looks are most certainly deceiving. It smelled like sewage. Put in into your mouth to chew it and the sewage taste is even stronger. Swallow it and the strong smell still lingers behind. It was quite bad and I like Durians by the way.


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