Wasabi Tei

My current favourite Japanese restaurant in Singapore is Wasabi Tei. Located on Level 5 in Far East Plaza, it is a hole in the wall that sits only 16. It is my weekly ritual and I always find an excuse to eat here. There is always a queue. When my sister first went at 5.30pm (opening time,) there were already 12 people waiting in line. The second time round, I missed the first rotation and ended up waiting for 1 hour 15 mins. Another unusual aspect about this place is that everything has to be ordered at once or get charged an extra 20%. Some may find this stressful and unnecessary but I love the food too much to bother. For one thing, the chef is so incredibly generous with the sashimi. It is thickly-sliced, large and fresh. Plus the most affordable place ever.

The best Unagi I ever had in my life. It was thick, chewy, juicy and fat. Massive satisfaction achieved.

Salmon sashimi. It makes my heart go soft just looking at the picture. S$9 for 6 slices.

Oyaku Don. Unlike most places, they dont serve Tonkatsu Don. The chicken is healthier, boiled I guess. But I assure you it is superior in taste.

Steamed Egg. It is hard to find the egg in here. Generous amounts of mushrooms, prawn, chicken and crabmeat. I make it a point to order this every single time.

Mixed sushi set. Extremely fresh sashimi (no surprises there), a wide assortment of seafood present.

Fish head claypot. Healthy and so incredibly generous with the cabbage.

Sashimi. Perfect everytime.

Unagi sushi.


One thought on “Wasabi Tei

  1. Bad news… the uncle is not there anymore. He sold it to a bunch of amateur who try to serve same menu but so so quality 😦 Please let us know if you have any info e.g. uncle open somewhere else.

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