My recipe books. Still building.

Today, I decided to be closer to be babies and moved all my books from the hall into my room. I moved the unnecessary dictionaries out (who needs them when you have I reckon they look pretty handsome together. Also, I just bought a book online. Now I just have to wait 30 days whilst Amazon ships it from good ole America to me.

I have a wide range. Two from Jamie O. I brought them back from England. His recipes are simple and fun but taste wise, pretty weak. Not as flavourful as I hoped. However, his are great to learn basic cooking. Marie Claire Kitchen, a 5.1 pound giant I brought back from England. I tried several recipes. Hummus and Roast Chicken, which both turned out heavenly. Meat by Adrian Richardson is so educational. I bought it for work (I work in a supermarket) and it was filled with the most amazing meat recipes. As well as brilliant basic cooking instructions. It definitely led to me understand and appreciate meat more in depth. However there were several I am unable to cook due to the unavailability of rabbit in the shops here. There are also great side dishes recipes in there. Feast by Nigella, Dolce Vita by David Rocco and Cooking with Curtis given to me by my sis (she works for a travel & leisure network.)


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