Food for Thought

Recently I had a really good brunch. Food for Thought serves up delicious and scrumptious all-day breakfast and after 12pm, lunch. There are pasta and risotto, all of which I have yet to try. The breakfast options are so yummy, I never bother looking past the second page. Breakfast options can be found here. I always have the Full Works. It is heart stopping, literally, with its buttery toasted brioche, deep fried chicken sausage, cute round harsh browns and others which I promise will leave any cardiologist wince in pain. Food for Thought also supports several causes. Sorry, the food is soo good, I never bother going to find out what they are and as along as the food remains good, I will be back often.

I am not a fan of bacon so I asked if they could change my bacon to chicken sausage and the waiter said ok. Hence why the picture above looks as if there was some sausage overload. If that mega plate above is too much for you, Food for Thought is extremely flexible. You can pick and choose whichever suits you or your diet that day. The place was also very airy and the interior was decorated artistically. On the ceilings were at least a hundred glass bottles and four inverted (fake) orchid plants. For dessert we had a mixed berries pancakes. The pancakes made me smile. I was so happy. Sweet, fluffy, thick and hot pancakes with generous amounts of syrup.

When I’m tired of the brunch and pancakes I shall move onto the pasta and risotto. 🙂


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