Cupcakes: Red Velvet + Birthday


My nephew turned a month old and I knew I had to bake for his party. Red Velvet was a must and I went no further than my trusty recipe. Then I chanced upon Momofuku Milk Bar’s Birthday Cake recipe and for the little boy’s birthday, this cake was most fitting.

However the recipe seemed a bit troublesome so I used my favourite Magnolia Bakery Vanilla Cupcake recipe and added in 1/3 cup Rainbow Sprinkles. The result? A super sweet cake. Note to self, decrease sugar in the recipe. Although the colourful sprinkles dotting the cake were so gorgeous!

This time, I got real luck with the frosting. Using my favourite Creamy Vanilla Frosting but with a twist. I added in an extra 6 tbsps of icing sugar mixed with 2 cups of milk. It was pure accident. Intending to make the flour paste, I mistook icing sugar as flour and only realised after a failed paste formed. Not wanting to waste, I followed the exact same recipe but added in the icing sugar-milk paste. The result was a super airy, light and fluffy buttercream which many loved.

What a successful day! Enjoy more pictures below!







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