The Past Weekend

The past weekend was amazing! Filled with family, friends and no work, I couldn’t asked for a better weekend. On Saturday I had a monthly cookout with good friends who know their way around the kitchen very well. There was good food and fashion tips tossed around during the afternoon. At the end of lunch, I was stuffed and felt more fashion savvy. 🙂 Unfocused, unfiltered pictures ahead. I deleted the filtered-to-death ones for they were taking up too much space on my phone… Oops!


There was Zee, Zhu, Diana, Andrew, my bro-in-law KW, sis, and Marc.


I made a Roasted Cauliflower & Chickpeas Salad by adapting the recipe from here. I omitted the raisins and cilantro, added crushed toasted almonds, used a creamy Tahini dressing instead (three tablespoons Tahini, one lemon, tons of Paprika, Cayenne Pepper and Chill Powder), and topped it all with Italian Parsley. The subtle sweetness from the caramelized cauliflower and lightness made for a perfect hot afternoon. Was pretty impressed with myself for making a savoury dish. I spend wayy too much time baking.


Food from the monthly cookout. My sis made a crabmeat roll, unagi and tofu, Marcus made a Braised Pork Vermicelli (I loved the green bean which gave the noodles a delicious crunch!), Andrew made his Uncle’s chicken curry (not pictured) which had three secret ingredients, and Norwegian Chocolate. I was a little hesistant about the chocolate that my bro-in-law brought back but I definitely bit my tongue. It was so addictive! Milk chocolate filled with pecans, cashews, and a very cute packaging to boot! Highlight of the afternoon was watching Andrew give up the three secret ingredients for fashion tips. Hilarious!


Sunday evening, post gym workout, called for more workout in Paragon Supermarket. Spotted Japanese Fruit Wines and I was salivating! The bottom left, and how I desire to drink it so much, reads: Kumamoto Kyoho Dessert Wine (Made from 100% Kyoho king of Japanese grape. Complex and attractive aroma similar to brown cane sugar and caramel. Very sweet but elegant). Funny how there is a “but” after very sweet. As if sweet and elegance can’t go hand-in-hand. Anyway, gonna keep a lookout for this wine in DFS in July.


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