I want to be my own Anti-stress Hero!

Woke up in the moring, weighed myself, and a wave of stress and self-doubt descended upon me when I saw the numbers. I have gained 3kg since work started. I could blame a million and one things but it all boils down to me. All those sweet treats, deprivation then binging; thinking I could get away with it all. Before 9am, I already wanted this day to quickly go by so that I could hit the gym in the evening, and sleep away the fat. Can you believe it?

Then I came across this post on escaping stress by being one’s own Anti-stress Hero. How? Writer Alan Cohen states:

“Think of a person or people who inspire you as being relaxed, happy, and successful. You don’t have to be like them, just try to tap onto their ability to deal.”

But I think what was more powerful was this:

“That was the moment when Alan realized that stress is not a condition, it is a choice.”

This morning, I allowed myself to “fall” from those numbers on the weighing scale. That figure is important but I have the rest of the day to “seize” the opportunity to get healthy again! To get rid of that bloatedness, fat, hopelessness, and all the other negative energy that constantly washes over me making me detest living. Today I am going to choose to live stress-free and take care of myself!

Plus: 50 ways to cope with stress.


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