The Past Weekend

It was a perfect weekend.

On Saturday, I went back to my Alma Mater for a 10 year Reunion. My class turnout was pathetic (only 5 out of 30) but it was still great fun seeing them. It also turns out my ex-classmate’s boyfriend is the chef and owner of an Italian restaurant I hold dearly in my heart.


So… It was not surprising, on the very same day, I dragged my family to try the said Italian restaurant. I was overjoyed to see my family enjoying the food. Even the Pappardella Mushroom Cream Sauce was a winner for them. My family usually prefers light, Japanese/ Korean, dinners, so them liking the rich Italian food was a huge surprise.



Notable food included (from top left, clockwise) the Pappardella Mushroom Cream Sauce, Mixed Grilled Platter for 2, Burrata with Spinach and delicious sweet tomatoes, and the Veal Tripe Stew. Including two desserts, two other pastas (Squid Ink w Seafood and Vongole), the bill for my family of 6 amounted to $276.40. A tad pricey but such good hearty food!

On Sunday, a quiet afternoon was interrupted by a “thud!”. The monkeys had jumped onto my Dad’s car, made their own into our kitchen, and helped themselves to a sweet potato.


Then it was off to the relatively new Pasarbella at Turf City! The Fig and Date Waffles ($8) from Charly T’s was a surprise and clear winner for me that afternoon. Crunchy and buttery. Ask nicely for extra chocolate sauce, and maple sauce will be included too. The Spicy Pork Hotdog  ($7.80) from Hub’s Deli/ Butchery was good which was definitely helped by the price point. Other food were quite costly. $22 for a small rack of Pork Ribs from Charly T’s was, in my opinion, a tad overpriced. The Paella looked amazing but taste meh!


Sunday dinner, my dear friend Jenn hosted us in her parent’s place. Her garden was filled with loads of beautiful foliage; her parents are definitely very capable in the garden. I was spoilt during dinner. Good friends who know how to cook well AND choose their wine. I could not resist a glass of red and white.


Jenn made her delicious Broccoli Quiche. She added cheddar cheese into the pastry for extra oomph! Greg made a generous Sausage Bean Casserole. In my opinion, no pork dish can ever go wrong. Niyati prepared a Vegetarian Noodle Salad; fresh green, red and yellow peppers, chery tomatoes, tofu, cucumber, and crunchy peanuts. I bought a half dozen box of Twelve Cupcakes (not pictured).


All in all, another perfect weekend.


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