Life has been generous with me.

Last Tuesday evening, post-work I had the joy of meeting up with my good friend, M, at our favourite place. We gossiped and shared our lives over a White Sangria, Burger, Truffle fries and Fried Chicken Tenders in a Basket. A bundle of joy and with the biggest heart ever, M made the start of my week easy.


Wednesday, I met up with ex-classmates from Secondary School for drinks in a bar none of us had been to. Located at the basement of a ramen bar, we got a quick dinner before heading downstairs. For dinner, I had a $5(!) bowl of Char Siu Rice paired with Yuzu Sake Soda. Some would say the rice bowl was small but it was the perfect for me. I usually have very little stomach for big dinners since I tend to fill it up during the day.


When dinner was done, we headed downstairs for some amazing drinks like Whiskey Sour, Berried in Bison Grass (with Polish Vodka as the base), The Madame, and Planters Punch.


It also helped that the Head Bartender was hilarious and always an effective photobomber!


On Friday, I had the sudden urge to run. I ran a lot last year. Averaging 10km a day at least 3 times a week. I was slim, I ate clean, and I felt so good everyday. Then work started this year and my running regime faltered. I lacked the energy to run for more than 6km at a time or more than half hour on the treadmill; which I found intensely boring. On Friday, I ran and hit 8km. It was a tough run with me stopping to take a walk three times. But at the end of the 8km, I felt so alive. I felt I could see everything so clearly. I felt satisfied. So here is me in pink pants, post-run high and with voluminous hair off to meet up w my friends.


Dinner on Friday night was a quick catch-up with ex-law school classmates and my girlfriend introduced us her new boyfriend. It was lovely. Connecting with my girlfriends again was the highlight of the evening. I had a Double-layered Chocolate Cake for dinner. And we ordered the three types of Sangrias available in the cafe: a white, Reisling-based, and two Red wine-based, Strawberry, and Rose and Berries – fun combinations.




Unfortunately my Friday evening was a bit of a letdown and until today I still have not talked to my girlfriend. We went to a new club and it was as exciting as I thought. Then at 3am, in another club, drama erupted over a boy, which in my opinion has done nothing wrong. I am so over boy drama. Such dramas are, in my opinion, a complete waste of time. I rather be single and boy-less then to go through such drama. I rather save all that energy for work, to progress my career, and achieve a meaningful productive life. So that night, in my state of exhaustion from dancing for four hours, I effectively told her to snap out of it. I was also deeply bored by the clubbing scene. Unfortunately I have gotten it out of my system.

Saturday was a better day. In the afternoon I watched my tuition teacher, from Secondary School, get married. It was heartwarming for my whole family as she taught my sisters and I for about 10 years? She first taught my eldest sister, then second, then me! So she was an important figure in our lives. The wedding ceremony was beautiful and the page boy was a little shy to walk down the aisle and kept walking away so his dad had to walk him down.


In the evening, I tried out two places: Symmetry and Bar Stories. The Spatchcock at Symmetry was good! It was a tastier version of a chicken and the skin, which was glazed with a sweet sauce was delicious. I did not order other food so as to save calories as my goal that night was to drink. We ordered a Yakult Grape Sake to share and my friend ordered an Iced Tea cocktail. Both were good. I grew red quickly from the Yakult Sake and it was surprisingly alcoholic as it was subtle in taste. The alcoholic taste was overpowered by the Grape Yakult which made me so pleased.



After dinner, we hopped to another bar on a small street. Sitting by the bar counter, we had the luxury of securing full attention from the Bartenders. It was a fun experience. We picked out ingredients and even a pan lurking behind the counter and the bartenders created cocktails around it. The winner that night was my friend’s Peanut Butter Dessert Cocktail and my Yuzu Hokkaido Grape.



Peanut Butter Dessert Cocktail on the left and my Tiramisu on the right.


Apple Pie Cocktail. We wanted a drink that incorporated that little pan hence the caramelized apples.

I was told the drinks in the bar was not good but I had good drinks, no doubt from the full attention from the bartenders.


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