The Past Weekend

How was your weekend? Aside from a cough and sore throat, mine was, again, great, and I only hoped for a longer weekend. On Friday night, my parents left me to decide our weekly Saturday family dinner, and the thought of battling the crowds scared me (for some strange reason) so I suggested dinner at home. There were two dishes I really had to make to get it out of my system: Korean Seafood Pancake and a Lamb Meatball Egg Tagine from Saveur magazine. I was delighted my family were game for it. My sister also prepared two delicious salad. Spending Saturday night in was a good choice. Dinner at home was great, my family enjoyed my food, and with the air conditioning cranked up, we chilled around afterwards playing with my nephew. I also presented my nephew with his First Birthday gift since I will be away during his entire birthday week.

Lamb Meatball and Egg Tagine, Korean Seafood Pancake.

20130701-081828.jpgThe Korean Seafood Pancake turned out to be a hulk! My parents bought from the supermarket tons of seafood and health-consious-me used more spring onions. At first it was fun then the time for flipping the pancake came along. It took two people to place a plate over the pan and flipped the whole pan, with precious egg spilling out. I was just relieved to find the whole pancake intact and didn’t fall apart.  Below, is a picture of how thick the pancake became which satisfied my family.

20130701-081834.jpgI knew for my nephew’s first Birthday I had to get him a book. My sister loves to read and before he was born, my sister requested we each give a book during her baby shower; so that he can read in future. While going through the usual round on the internet, I came across a blogger whose sons were reading books personalized with their names. I was instantly sold! It couldn’t have been more perfect for my nephew; a book with his name printed on it! And the fact that it was a small independant project started by three fathers and an uncle, was an even bigger bonus. I quickly keyed in my nephew’s name, made payment, and patiently waited. A couple of weeks later, it arrived! The timing was again perfect and on the perfect Saturday evening, I presented it to nephew. Although it was more like my sister and brother-in-law seeing as how my nephew wont be able to understand it for now. They loved it and I couldn’t be more pleased.


Sunday swiftly arrived and once again my family gathered for more food. Dim Sum at the country club this time. We scored a table by the big windows and had a priceless view of the golf course. I wore my new top! Bought the day I got my allowance. It is structured, blue, and I love it!

20130701-081852.jpgThe Dim Sum was alright, not the best but the service, atmosphere and company more than made up for it. I especially enjoyed how the restaurant has to be booked in advance and walk-ins are generally not allowed so we languished away the afternoon in peace and without the stress of having to quickly give up the table for other patrons.


Oh, the last dish that arrived on our table and took the longest time ever was the Crispy Noodle with a Pork Neck and bittergourd gravy was the  highlight of the meal. With its thinner-than-usual, deep-fried, and slightly charred noodles with the thin, tender pork neck, it was a delightful surprise.



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