Amok on a Saturday

20131109-142729.jpgNow that I have stopped work and preparing for my exams in two weeks, I decided to meet up my best friend for brunch at PS Cafe. I thought long and hard about where to go since it has been forever since my Saturday afternoons were free. With the plethora of new cafes popping up in the past year, I was spoilt for choice. But it was the complimentary magazines, hearty portions, and wide range of cakes that made me run back to PS Cafe.

While waiting for my friend, I grabbed a copy of a Delicious magazine hanging below the counter, and could not resist snapping pictures of irresistable recipes such as a Rum and Raisin Tiramisu that required no Marsala. Finally! The Dark Rum sitting in my cabinet can be put to good use. At PS, I had Truffles Fries and the Ultimate Fudgy Brownie. I was torn when deciding. Double chocolate Blackout Cake is my first love followed by the steamed puddings. But the Brownie I had never tried before, and safe to say the next time around I will not order it again. It was not a bad dessert; just not as satisfying as the others plus the mushy mashmallows and its lack of texture did nothing for me.


20131109-142802.jpgPerhaps the most important point of Brunch was reconnecting with my best friend. As the meal progressed, we felt more settled and comfortable, and our conversation just flowed easily. It was a blissful Saturday; good food but even better company. I may not have everything in life but my life is enough, I do not need more.


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