Times on a Sunday

20131111-084551.jpgIt was a blissful Sunday filled with love and laughter. Much time was spent with my family and caught up with my old friends from Law School after months. Sunday afternoon saw my family enjoying a feast in the name of my eldest sister’s birthday. I pulled out an old dress from Asos and jazzed it up with old brooches from my mother and sister. Theme for the day: go big or go home.

Lunch was at Bar-roque Grill at Tanjong Pagar and it was a very good meal. My sister wrote a glowing review of the restaurant but one dish that stood out for me, and a day later I still think about, is the 500g Prime Rib-eye. Boneless, slightly charred crispy exterior, tender pink interior, AMAZING generous chunks of beef fat. Shamelessly picking the chunks of beef fat, I even declined when my sister offered to cut it off before giving me the last slice on the board. I shall take and savor it, thank you very much. The dish came with two sides. Lettuce with a dressing I had no time for, and fries which were satisfying but to be honest, it is quite hard for deep-fried potatoes to go bad. I could not resist ordering the Alsatian Cheesecake to take notes for future baking purposes and boy was it impressive. Unlike rich cheese-y cakes, this was more like a sponge filled with cheese – there was still a cake-like texture present.



After lunch, I needed to walk off the energy accrued from the over-consumption so I decided to charter into unknown territory: Bras Basah Complex. I was keen to hunt down the used books and magazines bookstores and check out what other shenanigans were going on in this building that has managed to evade tearing down; like all other old dodgy-looking buildings in Singapore. I admit, I was scared of getting mugged when walking there even though I am in the ultra-strict hands of the government. However, one must never let one’s guard down. Paranoia unnecessary, I know.

Bras Basah turned out to be both a disappointment (the used books shops stocked extremely expensive books) and pure joy (Cat Socrates!). This whimsical shop came out of nowhere. Standing alone amongst closed shops, it stood out to me due to all the little objects by the display window. I had to pop in and take a look, even risking myself and fear of cats. Inside, cats were nowhere to be found but tons and tons of little knick-knacks and ding-dong objects such as house accessories, cameras and its relevant accessories of all kinds, books in Chinese (including travel guides to Taiwan which were filled with cute drawings and friendly recommendations), and accessories such as spaceship necklaces. I was particularly taken by the spaceship accessories that will match my new top from Seoul perfectly. Spotted also were these pretty assortment of fridge magnets that were only $1.95 each. If the letter “Y” did not come in a solid purple but little bananas or flowers, I would have immediately grabbed a few.


In the evening, my ex-classmates opened up her home to her old friends for a Diwali Festival party and at the same time formally announce and celebrate her engagement to her new man. 😀 The evening was filled with love, good food prepared by Auntie, and conversations both serious and humorous filled up the evening.


Home-made Indian snacks with Moscato, and home-cooked Indian food. Not too rich and extremely palatable

20131111-084802.jpgDamn rich cheesecake from Singapore Swimming Club.

20131111-084810.jpgThe loved up couple.


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