Midi Skirts

covet-harlow-skirt midi

Standing at 1.57m in height and pear-shaped, a lot of clothes are out of bounds for me. But I simply cannot resist Midi Skirts. They are so lady-like and I see so many patterns and styles around the internet, I find myself swooning over every picture. When I went to Seoul a couple of months back, I could not resist buying a skirt. Although the waist area is so tight, I need to go to the tailors to get it altered, it has not stopped me trolling the internet for inspiration. Midi-skirts, unfortunately, have the effect of enlarging or cutting me; aspects I am shunning away from in an effort to embrace my body more in 2014. So I plucked out some style guides from around the Net. 

To begin with, a useful guide on how to wear one from Refinery29 – I notice every picture has heels in it.

Midi Skirts + Heels

Midi skirts with sheer panels are even more stylish!

(Pictures above from LoveBonito and Asos)

Tight-fitting or Structured tops are a must, must, must.

Can’t wait to alter my skirt and wear it about. 🙂


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