Monthly Cookout #6


Happy Saturday! Once a month, a group of friends (comprising of four sets of couples, two sisters, and me) come together for a cookout with the basic and only rule being that everyone must contribute to either a dish or drink. Freeloaders are not welcome. This cookout was created from a common love for cooking, eating, and sharing. This November session was our sixth and our cookouts just keep getting bigger, stronger and tastier. Throughout the months, over a Whatsapp group (simply named Monthly Cookout), we all developed a natural filter system whereby our choices of dish will be fitted around each other so that there is no danger of overdosing. Inevitably there will always be some who will get inspired and cook an elaborate exotic cuisine while some would be too busy from a week of work and just put together some store-bought food – that’s fine too. The atmosphere of these events are almost indescribable. To begin with, it’s wonderful, always. An unabashed mix of harmony, relaxation, and quality chatter consisting of laughter and good gossip. Every event, there is always a star dish; a dish that we all incessantly harp about even during future cookouts. This event, it was Marcus’s Roast Beef. Perfectly medium rare, uber-peppery sauce to accompany and roasted vegetables from the beef drippings.


Other notable but equally delicious dishes include my sister’s sticky pork ribs (I was happily grabbing all the shallots), double-baked potatoes prepared by Ester (potatoes + bacon + cream cheese = OMG), Diana put together a light Caprese Salad to cut across the heaviness of the meat and carbohydrates. I served up my Double Chocolate Meringue with a boozy Rum and Raisin Tiramisu. Zhu brought six cartons of juice. Together with my four, we had 10 cartons and we spent the afternoon hustling all to drink more. Haha.




Delightful food but even better friends make for another perfect Saturday. 🙂


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