The Coriander Cafe, Thomson Plaza (Updated)

20131118-161956.jpgI realised little has been written about this simple, no-frills eatery that serves up good and reliable tze-char food. I have eaten here thrice in the last two weeks, and twice I was blown away by the “wok hei” mee goreng-style noodles for $4.50. This place offers mee goreng in three types of noodles; vermicelli, kway tiao and the usual yellow mee. I had kway tiao the first time as I was feeling adventurous, and I requested for extra spicy. There was only one word to describe it: shiok! The dish was placed in front of me and I felt a little intimidated as it was fiery red and there were discernible pieces of red chilli padi. Present were also generous amount of seafood, bean sprouts, tomatoes, egg and thick slices of onions that were still crunchy. To increase the shiok factor, I added in their homemade chilli for a greater kick (is it sambal? I don’t think so but it is very spicy and fragrant.) The third time I ordered the usual mee goreng and I was sad to finish it because it was so delicious. My next agenda will be their sambal fried rice.


This place also serves up a mean Claypot Fish Head Curry for straight up $20. No “market price” shenanigans here. Their curry is not the typical Assam-style but the thick coconut milk-based yellow curry with large pieces of tau kwa, eggplant and tomato. The couple of times my family ordered, the half fish head was always fresh, and curry sauce reliably thick and full of flavour. They don’t tinker around with the prices or food here. Maybe that’s why every time I patronize almost every table will have a large claypot of bubbling curry set in front of them.

Update: 22nd November 2013

I tried the Sambal Fried Rice and I am convinced this place has mastered the art of Wok Hei! Expect a big plate of fried rice, not too oily, and super spicy. I took away half of the plate for my parent’s dinner that same evening and they were breathing out fire. They both agreed it was good!



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