Eveleigh Farmer’s Market, Redfern, Sydney

Slowly but surely, I am writing about this life-changing trip of mine. This year in July, I went to Sydney and Melbourne alone for eight days. I do not remember what possessed me to go on a holiday by myself but I remembered in the months leading up to this holiday, I google-d extensively the two cities. I wanted to fill up every second of my time for fear of loneliness setting in. And after extensive “research”, there were several places and restaurants I knew I had to visit and eat; Eveleigh Farmers Market, Bondi Beach, Newtown, Alexandria, Blackpool Bar and Grill for steak, Bourke Street Bakery for pastries, and Momofuku Seiobo for my first fine dining experience. I did it all.

Eveleigh Farmer’s Market is located in Redfern and opens only on Saturday mornings. I arrived in Sydney on a Saturday at 8am and without losing anytime, I went straight to the Market from the airport – without dropping off my luggage in the Hostel. That was how eager I was. Sydney could not have welcomed me any more warmly. Cloudless blue skies, it may have been Winter but the air was perfectly crisp and slightly warm (or maybe because I was in a knit sweater and dashing about.)


The Market is a short walk away from the station although I had initially trouble finding it because the streets were so quiet, I could not tell a market was nearby. Still, I managed and when I first saw the market located in an open air warehouse, it was bustling with locals grocery shopping. How delightful it must be! Most of the stalls stocked organic food and there were some extremely large vegetables (check out the cabbage!). I noted how the vegetables were so deeply gem-coloured – so pure. There was a stall in particular I wanted to try and that was Kylie Kwong’s. Hers was located to the front of the market and she was there! Her stall is famous for the vegetarian pancakes but I was feeling adventurous and the friendly people recommended the Braised Wallaby’s Tail with Red Onions that Kylie herself was tending to at that moment. I happily ordered a bowl and managed to snap a picture with her. She was so friendly. The wallaby’s tail itself was no different from an oxtail but the sauce was so delicious; well-seasoned, slightly sweet and full of flavour. There was also a stall selling steak burger and it was extremely popular. I had a small cube of the rump steak offered as a sample and it melted in my mouth. If not for my 15 course lunch later, I would have happily polished off a whole steak in no time. For dessert, I decided to go for a mini Chocolate Beetroot muffin from a stall that specialized in muffins and displayed their bakes in a cute way; the mini muffins resembled bouquet of flowers underneath the cake cover. Taste wise, the chocolate overcame the earthiness of the beetroot although the coarsely grated beetroots made the muffin seem healthier. My luggage in tow provided the perfect “chair” and I happily sat aside and ate my muffin whilst people watching. I thoroughly enjoyed Eveleigh Market and for days after still imagined grocery shopping there.






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