Oh Bondi, how I love thee!


A morning in Bondi Beach turned out to be the highlight of my holiday. I nearly did not make this trip but a friend said it was an experience, and to go extra early (at 6am) to watch the surfers catch the waves. Never one to resist hot surfers, I got up at 6 and just before 7 arrived in Bondi Junction in my jogging gear. It was a bitter cold morning and the shores were quiet. Out in the distance were black dots of surfers owning the waves so no surfers prancing around the Beach for me (haha!). Breakfast was a Mocha, Health Nut Bikkie and a Sunrise at Chapter One Cafe followed by a three hour exercise consisting of the mandatory jog along the Bondi-Cooggee track and back, a dip in the public pool (yes, in my jogging gear), and pug interruptions. Along the way, I met a trio of nannies in the pool who were so concerned over my wet jogging gear. Out in the distance of the horizonless sea were whales sprouting out water. Life was at its perfection.












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