A Night Out with the Bolshoi Ballet


It was the perfect respite from my exam revision. My second sister and I got the wonderful opportunity to watch the Bolshoi Ballet perform in Singapore and what a treat! I was determined to dress up for the Russian ballet company. Their illustrious history and relentless dedication to the art of ballet only befitted the best, and I squeezed into my new black shift dress, ate little to not look bloated, and applied good makeup. As if the opportunity itself could not have been more wonderful, our seats, right in the centre of Circle 1, was perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and was memorized with Ekaterina Shipulina’s, as Odette-Odile, every move. The way she glided across the stage, the way she arched her back and outstretched her lithe arms that curved ever so slightly to resemble the wings of a swan. She commanded the stage and I was more than happy to obey her. Ruslan Skvortov was similarly a joy to watch. For the most part, he was a cheerful Prince, and from his first appearance where he leaped across the stage, it was a delight to watch. The coordination and stylistic costumes completed the hauntingly beautiful performance. I am so glad to have put down my books for this rare opportunity to witness so many forms of beauty in one night.



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