Rockpool Bar and Grilll, Sydney


I could not visit Australia and not have a good Aussie steak so an Aussie friend recommended Rockpool Bar and Grill. After reading that this restaurant is a must-do Sydney food experience, I made a lunch reservation for my steak experience! My need for a good reliable steak did not deter me from the prices listed, and I got my wallet ready to lay down the dough in exchange for an experience.

The restaurant was stunning! Located in the heritage-listed Art Deco City Mutual Building in the heart of Sydney’€™s CBD, the large green-marbled pillars added to the majesticness of the restaurant. I was in awe from the moment I walked in and I made sure to sit facing those green marbled pillars, and the view of the whole restaurant while dining. Shortly upon being seated, the menu arrived. I had just finished a 3-hour jog in Bondi Beach in the morning so I was all ready for a big meal. And I did not hold back, I ordered the Cape Grim Dry Aged 36 Month Old Grass Fed Rib-eye on the Bone 350g 71 days (AUD$60), and a Potato and Cabbage Gratin (AUD$9) just because I have not seen it anywhere else. Potato gratin, yes. Mac and Cheese, yes. But a Potato AND cabbage gratin definitely got me very curious.

The experience was more than I could ask for. Oh if only I coud find words to describe the steak. It was huge! And so tender and juicy with a strong grilled beef taste. Sublime. Equally as orgasmic was the home-made BBQ sauce, I had to ask for seconds. The sinful Gratin had a thin layer of melty cheese on top, thin scalloped slices of potatoes beneath then right at the bottom was finely shredded soft cabbage. The three elements were combined with a thick cream. I polished every plate clean, and surprised the Manager! As if the dining experience couldn’t have been more epic, I scored myself a Hollywood experience too.









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