The Unforgettable Two Weeks

Yesterday marked the end of two of my toughest weeks of 2013. I had 8 papers and, to exaggerate, surprised I came out alive and smiling. The said weeks were overwhelming. Plenty of readings and cramping as much legal issues as possible right down to the last minute before the exam then regurgitating it out during the two hours, and after, having to forcefully throw away the information to make space for new ones for the next paper. This repetitive stuffing, regurgitating, and information dump took a toll and I ended up popping medication on the eleventh day.

But nothing was more painful then putting my heart and soul, and hours of sleepless nights into the subject then coming out after the paper feeling it was all still so inadequate. That, in the past two weeks, was most heartbreaking.

Leaving for Bangkok in a couple of hours and I am feeling so grateful. I desperately need this respite, the new scenary and air, polluted or clean. May I start work on Wed all refreshed.

Cheers! x


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