Thai Airways

Boarding the plane in Changi Airport

Back from Bangkok and never before have I ever been so thrilled with an airline. Thai Airways could not have prepared me for my Thai holiday on a better note. The brand new plane with its shiny seats, amazing in-flight entertainment system with its pletheora of recent movies and episodes of popular TV, but best of all, the delicious Thai food, which turned out to be the only Thai food I had during my entire trip. Yes, in Bangkok, I did not have Thai food but no regrets as the Chinese, Japanese, and fast food were all so satisfying. I watched the first installment of The Hunger Games on both trips. The short flight meant I had to split the movie into half, and thanks to the fast forwarding button seen on so many airlines now, that was possible. Having tasted the good food going there, I deliberately skipped meals going back home so that I could eat my fill on the plane.

Stellar in-flight entertainment system.

Singapore -> Bangkok

Spicy Prawn Red Curry with Long Beans, Omelette, and White Rice. A cold Chicken Pasta salad on the side, and Tiramisu for dessert.

The two options available that flight was prawn red curry or chicken noodles. I did not hesitate to choose the rice option. The prawn red curry was so spicy the two passengers beside me could not finish but I happily cleaned out my little tray. By the end, little beads of sweat settled on my nose which was also dripping but it was SHIOK! I love curry when it is spicy, and curry for that matter is hardly spicy when it should be! The prawns were deliciously succulent and crunchy, as with the well-cooked long beans. No mushy food in sight. Sadly, I was watching my weight and had a tiny bit of the tiramisu. The sponge finger was soft and the cream was well blended, what a treat!

Bangkok -> Singapore

Coming back, Thai Airways actually topped themselves!

Fishball Green Curry with Rice and Pumpkin Omelette. Chicken Salmon cold salad on the side, and two types of sticky rice with coconut milk and lychees.

My Mum and I each got different meals because we could not decide. I got the Fishball Green Curry. Don’t judge a fishball by its looks; they may not be round and mishappened but boy were they crunchy and bouncy! The stir-fried pumpkin omelette on the side was the best surprise. I never considered stir frying pumpkin until this enlightening experience. I gave up watching my weight on the flight back and happily cleaned out the dessert, two types of sticky rice (white and black glutinous rice) with lychees; so divine!

The other option: Sweet and Sour Prawns with Fried Rice, and stir-fried vegetables. Same sides as before.

I finished up my mum’s option too. She had eaten before boarding so I was only too happy to finish her leftovers. Fried rice was not oily and rice still retained texture. The prawns were pretty mindblowing; large, firm with a crunchy bite. I was only too happy to munch on them like candy. The Thais seem to have an apitude for cooking prawns; all the prawns I had were never mushy and overcooked.

What a great experience with Thai Airways. Efficient, friendly service with smiles everywhere, and best of all, not a feedback form in sight. My home airline really needs to buck up.


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