I Am My Hair


I have gotten very vain. On Tuesday morning, while hunting around for a cobbler, I failed to find one but came across a hair salon and saw some ladies with beautiful tresses. Unable to resist, I walked in and requested for a blowout. It costs me $16. The rest of the day and the next before I washed my hair again, I felt anew and even sexy with my dry stringy hair no more. Every strand was on their best behaviour and stayed in place until the very end. My hair became lighter; it caught on to every little bit of the wind as I walked, and swayed in a controlled manner and gently coaxed for attention. Every curl complimented each other and unisonly framed and flattered my uber round face. The volume at the top of my head maintained for two days and I was looking and acting sassy. I received so many compliments that day and spent a great deal of time checking myself out in any mirror or glass panels.

Unsurprisingly, it did not take me long to wonder when my next blowout will be. This morning was the day. Living one day with my “normal” hair was too much for me to handle. And I noted the significant celebrations these two days that would have justified this blowout. Dinner with friends tonight and the all important annual christmas party at my sister’s tomorrow; pretty hair will be essential. After getting dropped off this morning, I trotted back to the salon and 20 minutes later, left with sleek, soft hair but with a different style (right). Once again, feeling anew but differently. Weird how a few curls pointing in another direction can create such a big difference.

This is bad. This expense is getting addictive! I have even considered forgoing my gym membership just to finance this expenditure. Incredible but I am giving it some serious thought.
Let me see how long more I can tolerate my “normal” hair.


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