Xmas came late

20131228-102515.jpg20131230-084405.jpgJust when I thought this year’s Christmas season was going to be a quiet affair; no wild parties and feasting or clubbing, just a family lunch but last Friday proved me wrong.

The day begun with my Mum and I getting our hair blown for the weekend at my usual hairdresser in Raffles Place. It was a fun morning as my hairdressers and I became friends on first-name terms. That evening, I had two parties! First was a dinner at the Tower Club in Raffles Place. It was the annual end of year dinner hosted by my MP and the food was sublime. A four course meal in the Atlantic Dining Room but was enough for me to consider subscribing to the Dining Membership of the said club. Although fine dining, the dishes were not over-the-top and on our plates were hearty, flavourful, and sizable-portions Western food. On the 62th floor, the Club, as expected, featured beautiful view of the Marina. The restaurant with its ground-to-ceiling glass windows provided a romantic view with the sparkly lights after the sun set. During the meal, I was especially taken with my crab dinner plate. And don’t get me started on the complimentary bread; I could not resist two slices of the multigrain bread, crunchy on the outside and soft pillowy inside. Another highlight of the evening was the main course. A choice between Beef Tenderloiin or Turkey Breast with Chestnut Stuffing and Cranberry sauce; I was tempted to follow Christmas traditions and order the Turkey but decided against it since Turkey will be easier to prepare at home. What was most impressive and memorable for me was the lack of gravy that usually accompanies steak, and the dish instantly became less heavy from its absence. On the plate was just the beef juice and a light Onion Mousse accompanying it. I did not stay for the final course, the Warm Chocolate Cake, but the three course were enough for me to appreciate the restaurant.

View from the Tower Club Reception
Crab Dinner Plate
The menu of the Atlantic Dining Room
Complimentary bread
Cream of Pumpkin Soup: While delicious, I was especially taken with the bowl.
Main course: Beef Tenderloin with Black Cabbage Stew, Crispy Kale and an Onion Mousse; a memorable dish.

Now on to the second party of the evening…..

20131228-102643.jpgOn the last friday of 2013, my classmate from Secondary School, Yogs, opened up her cosy home and invited us for a feast. Present were many of my ex-secondary school schoolmates whom I have not seen in ten years. It was the noisiest party with so many old girls catching up. And just when I thought the Christmas season was going to be quiet, Yogs pulled out a huge watermelon with a hole borne in and filled with Vodka. We sliced up the watermelon into 6 wedges with watermelon-vodka spilling all over, and raced to finish one huge wedge to win boxes of Royce chocolates. I won, delightfully then, embarassingly so now. I proved that evening my mammoth appetite still lives and I would fail miserably on the slow food diet.

The food was varied in cuisines and only highlighted how globalised and accepting my peers and I are. Indeed what is of pertinent importance to us these days is the quality of the food. Yogs served up her own culinary take on Italian comfort food such a Romesco sauce on sausages, potato and green vegetables gratin, and an epic White Truffle Chardonnay Mushroom sauce that she boiled and reduced for seven-freaking-hours to accompany everything. And in the spirit of Christmas, there was also a Roast Turkey and huge Gammon Ham, and the most amazing sushi platter from Koh Sushi Bar and Grill in Wisma Atria. I learnt that evening that I was living in a well my entire life when I was the only guest to not hear of Koh, and boy have I been missing out. Maki rolls were filled with grilled unagi, prawn tempura, or spicy tuna, topped with salmon aburi-style, tons of fish roe and so much kewpie that it seemed as though each maki was drowned in the Japanese mayo. Sinful, lucious sushi that had been hovering around the platter throughout the evening; I could not get enough of it. And at the end of it, THE dessert came. Tiramisu made by her boyfriend who owns an Italian restaurant. It was another out of the world experience as the sweet soaked Savoiardi biscuits were layered with an extremely rich and creamy marscapone cheese. Note to self: must improve on owe’s tiramisu.

Epic Maki from Koh Sushi Bar & Grill
The girls with the lady-host!
The spread: major indigestion during the weekend.
Tiramisu from Da Luca.
Cross-section of the Tiramisu. I could eat this all day.
The lady host with two of her best friends.
What happens when the host feeds you, she piles it all on the plate



Two amazing parties but it took me an entire weekend to digest.


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