Squid Awakening

It’s not everyday I have two amazing dishes where squid was the centerpiece. The first Friday of 2014 was that day, and the dishes feature squid prepared in two very different ways. So now I wonder, is 2014 meant to be the year I fall in love with this sea animal and master the technique? No rubbery end results, just perfect juicy white squids with a bite.

First up was a Roast Squid atop a cold salad special at Bar-Roque during lunch. The usual Fried Calamari squid apppetizer was unavailable and replaced with this dish. The broken side of my heart that held a place for fried food was quickly mended after I finished the replacement. Hot grilled squid atop a bed of dressed up salad leaves. But when I poked deeper into the dish, I realised much treasure lay beneath. A thick orange sauce, sliced almonds, some undecipherable green oil/ dressing and, if you look at the centre of the second picture, you might be able to see a thin yellow strip of capsicum. This capsicum was a stunner! It bore the colour of jellyfish, had the texture of jellyfish, and did not taste capsicum-y at all. Usually not a fan of peppers, I loved this! All the elements together made for a great start to my epicurean adventure for the year.



The second squid dish I had for the day was the Fried Calamari at The Black Swan during dinner. This dish was served on a wooden board with a dip, and garnished with a shiso leaf in the same batter as the calamari. What was memorable was the ultra light batter bits that was so addictive I could not resist popping the littlest bits into my mouth. It was as if a lot of Carbon Dioxide was added into the batter before meeting the deep-fryer. I was well-pleased and joyful end to the short week.


So there, one day, two squid dishes and a great start to the year.


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