MacDonald’s: it has been forever!

On one hand, I can count the number of times I ate in Macs the past year. Despite my love for food, I am just not a fast-food person. But when Macs offered their Twister Fries as part of their Chinese New Year specials, I started plotting. Calorific meals require careful planning. Ensuring no fattening social activities in the evening, no snacking in the morning. I missed out on last year due to poor planning. And today my BFF happily accompanied me for this happy meal. I was tempted to pair the fries with an Oreo McFlurry but that will be 800 calories (around 450 for the fries and 402 for the McFlurry) for this meal alone. So I stuck to a healthy option of Corn Cup ($1.50 and containing a very impressive 96 calories). MacDonald’s effort at providing healthier options was very much appreciated. The individually packed butter was a godsent, and abandoned. The corn in the cup was fresh and crunchy, and a much needed refreshing hit from the oily fries. The twister fries were not as fantastic as I hoped for. There were not enough spirals and mostly broken pieces. Still they were more appetizing than the normal fries as as they were more potato-y. I am so over these fries now.


Thanks Macs for providing healthier sides and options plus you were pretty value for money!

After lunch, I discovered my BFF was proficient with the Mac’s offerings and menu. Mmmh someone seems to be a closet fast-food lover? It was hilarious hearing her describe the past specials.


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