Sides at Veganburg

20140115-142142.jpgAnother fast-food joint for lunch, another adventure. The array of sides excite me more than the burgers offered at such places, and with Veganburg, it was their tofu franks, spinach pops and vegan desserts.  This afternoon I ordered two sides, Seaweed Fries and Spinach Pops, which came to a grand total of $7.80; that’s a lot for lunch when just one level up I could get a veg rice plate for $2. But money was spent, berated myself for stupidity, and lesson learnt. Plus these unhealthy lunches have got to come to an end.  But before that, here’s a short review.

Those were some solid fries. Fatter than Mac’s and each fry was huge! Longer and filled with more potatoes unlike Macs which were just an assortment of broken pieces or skinny fries. The seaweed flavour was absent but with the filled-up potato sticks, I wasn’t missing it.

The Spinach Pops made me giggle. Never before have I seen fresh shredded lettuce as a garnish but my oil-clogged brain definitely appreciated. The Pops were actually fried mashed potato balls. I missed the spinach but I got to admit, the potatoes were mashed up very well and there was a smooth soft texture within the crispy panko crumbs shell.

What a carbohydrate fattening lunch! I swear the calories count will knock me off the chair!


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