Southbank Thai


Probably the only Thai restaurant where it is best to skip the few Thai dishes on the menu like the Green/ Red Chicken/ Beef Curry. Order the Chinese-influenced dishes and you won’t go wrong. A place that does best in deep frying food, don’t hold back on the calories because this place won’t for you. For $15, the number of dishes ordered is determined by the number of diners plus one.

Best dishes are the Honey Chicken (deep fried chicken thighs and drenched in a thick dark-brown honey sauce),and Sweet and Sour or Chilli Fish (fried pieces of fish fillet drowned in a sickly sweet or chilli sauce). Skip the beef dishes to avoid disappointment. Do order the few vegetables available like the well-cooked Kai Lan that still retains texture. Fluffy Prawn or Chye Poh (fermented vegetable) Omelette every alternate day. Don’t expect quality but expect quantity for a group of more than nine. Skip the free flow of white rice ($1 more for pineapple rice) and sugared-lime juice, and dive straight for the food.

Watch yourself surrender to the food soon after.


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