The Past Weekend

It was a restful weekend filled with good friends. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many intelligent and witty friends who are of course, really good friends. On Friday evening, I attended my “A” levels college reunion dinner. It has been close to nine years since I graduated and the same time I last met many of my schoolmates. After almost a decade, we all (really!) look younger and have truly aged well. It was wonderful to re-connect with them and it is funny because I feel like I have made new friends.

Saturday morning saw me attending the wedding of an ex-classmate from Law School. Several of my classmates were invited and although just a few of us, we chatted for hours and were the last to leave the Church; as we were chased out for another event. As if the world could not be any smaller, I bumped into my Senior from “A” levels who had also been at the Alumni dinner the night before; we were both friends of the Groom.

On Sunday, I met up with another set of ex-classmates from Law School except I was closest to them during school. Over brunch at Department of Caffeine (really affordable good cakes), and cider at Merchants, we spent the late morning and early afternoon catching up, sharing, debating, and generally having a good laugh over key aspects of our life.

It was great! It was a perfect weekend and one that I could not ask for more!





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