Rest in Peace, Da Paolo’s Horn-shaped Double Chocolate Croissant


Chocolate croissants never fail to excite me but when I met the Double Chocolate Croissant from Da Paolo, I fell madly in love. With the standard chocolate strip within and the exterior ends dipped in milk chocolate, the double dosage of chocolate was a dream come true. When I was on my Practice Training Contract at the start of last year, the convenience and availability of this croissant (the bistro was right in the lobby of my office building) led to a serious addiction. After holding back for months, I caved in on a Friday and reasoned to myself that it was a I-survived-the-long-week-treat. Before long, I was coming up with ridiculous excuses just to satisfy myself with this croissant, and was having it twice or thrice weekly. I liked mine heated up and it did not take long for the Da Paolo staff to put it in the microwave automatically when I ordered one. Every bite was a full-on chocolate experience; a combination of the crispy thin sugary croissant and the warm melted chocolate!

I finished my training contract in early July and moved on but never forgot this beautiful pastry. A couple of months later in the middle of December, I came back to the same firm and immediately sought my horn-shaped baby only to see it dead. Instead a common rectangular-shaped croissant greeted me in the glass display; there was only a strip of chocolate within with the exterior left naked. It was a sad moment for me. My love for this croissant came to a halt as the price was more expensive compared to the same croissants around.

Thank goodness I kept a picture of my old love on my phone so I shall forever hold on to the memory, or until my phone breaks down, and all pictures within are lost. Rest in Peace you horn-shaped Double Chocolate Croissant baby, thank you for so much joy!


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