Da Paolo’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk


To continue the Raffles Place Unhealthy Lunch Series (please see earlier posts, I am much too embarrassed to link them here), lunch this afternoon was a slice of Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk Cake from Da Paolo. On first impression, the name implied substantial and filling. Further noting the lack of nutritional information around the internet, I could only surmise this slice alone contained between 600 to 1,000 calories. Hence careful planning for the day was needed. This morning, all snacks including fruits had to be left in the fridge or stashed away. I also spent the greater part of the morning detoxing by drinking water and vats of hot green tea. By lunch, I was all ready for 1,000 calories!

This cake cost me $9, very expensive for a slab of sugar so let’s look at more angles of the cake to determine if it was worth it, shall we?


There were four layers to this cake: from the bottom, we had an innocent dense layer of chocolate brownie. On it was a layer of peanut butter and feuilletine (crispy, thin little shards of sugar cone). Then a layer of whole peanuts embedded in thick sticky toffee, and finally a generous spread of chocolate fudge mixed with chopped nuts to encase it all. This was not for the faint hearted.

I requested for it to be heated up for exactly 20 seconds and the cake turned into another animal. The toffee begged to be released and the chocolate fudge right on top shined bright like a diamond. When you pick up the fork, Operation Sensory Overload commences. The crunchy feuilletine contrasted with the spongy brownie bottom, cloying sweetness from the toffee and peanut butter contrasted with the salty nuts, chopped nuts in two sizes ensured every bite was exciting, and the rich chocolate fudge simply functioned to remind all that this was no superfood. Da Paolo was determined to make this cake worth every cent of my $9.


I contemplated for a while before purchasing this expensive cake but while eating, I estimated it will take me more than $9 and many hours to re-create the same. Layers and layers of textures and flavours were involved to create this square. Making the same at home was going to be tiring and at the end of the day, I just want to enjoy the damn cake.

20140123-143041.jpgIf you love chocolate and peanut butter, meet your dream.


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